Introducing BOP-S300



BOP-S300 Duct Open Path Gas Detectors
The following optional accessories designed for the BOP-S300 system are available. Duct Mounting The duct mount interfaces between the detector and the duct surface. The duct mount enables the detector’s alignment up to 3˚ in all directions.

Commissioning / Alignment Kit for standard and duct type units is required for commissioning and future maintenance checks. Only one kit is required per site. The kit includes an Alignment Telescope, a Magnetic Mode Selector and a Function Check Filter for system testing along with socket keys for access to units.

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Low Maintenance
High reliability, simple installation, alignment and maintenance, equipment not subject to poisoning.

Proven Technology
Used in air ducts on FPSO’s and offshore rigs for British Petroleum (BP), Shell and ABB Lummus for turbines, air intakes, etc.

Harsh Environment
Specially designed to perform under extreme conditions such as high-speed airflows, high temperatures (up to 158˚F (70˚C)), humidity and corrosive gases, where point detectors may not be effective.

Standard Interface Options
Standard Interface OptionsStandard 4-20 mA outputs or RS-485 output to allow networking (up to 64 detectors) to a central monitoring/PC system.

High Sensitivity

  • Alarm up to 0.5 LEL.m
  • 5 times more sensitive than the normal Open Path equipment

Fast Response

  • Fast response time of 2 seconds.
  • 5 to 10 times faster than the commonly used Open Path detector and 20-50 times faster than the Point Detector.