Buckeye Fire Equipment manufactures a complete line of foam agents and hardware that when used in conjunction with one another make an unbeatable fire-fighting combination. The selection includes bladder tanks, balanced pressure pump skid paks, eductors, monitors, foam chambers, foam makers, high expansion foam generators, foam carts and handline nozzles. Many of the components can be customized to provide optimal protection for your unique situation. All foam system components are precision made from rugged materials to provide years of dependable service.

Buckeye’s Foam Team Delivers

  • The widest selection of Earth-Friendly fire fighting foam concentrates in the industry. Foam concentrates that independent tests have proven to be superior in quality and performance*.
  • A wide selection of foam proportioning hardware and agents designed to maximize performance.
  • Knowledgeable, professional in-house foam system design expertise to assist with your fire suppression equipment choice.
  • Independent tests conducted by Chevron Petroleum and Dow Chemical. Report available on request.


Protecting the Environment

In addition to delivering superior reliability, Buckeye foam concentrates are all manufactured without EPA reportable components, thus reducing environmental impact.

By using only Earth-Friendly components, we relieve you of the major problems and burdensome paperwork that can result from the discharge of other foam concentrates. This environmental commitment in no way dilutes the fire-fighting effectiveness of Buckeye products.

Every foam concentrate we manufacture is subjected to rigorous quality control standards and comprehensive testing to ensure complete reliability and maximum fire fighting performance.

Foam Concentrate Model Designation Part Number 5 Gallon Part Number 55 Gallon Part Number 275 Gallon Listing/ Approvals
Platinum 1% AFFF BFC-1.1 50325 50330 50335 UL
Platinum 3% AFFF BFC-3.1 50340 50345 50350 UL
6% AFFF BFC-6.1 50130 50135 50140 UL
Platinum 3% x 3% AR-AFFF BFC-33.1 50355 50360 50365 UL
Platinum 3% x 6% AR-AFFF BFC-36.1 50385 50370 50375 UL
3% Low Temp AFFF BFC-3LT 50115 50120 50125 UL
3%- 6% Low Temp AR-AFFF BFC-36LT 50205 50210 50215 Buckeye Quality Assurance
Platinum Class A BFC-CA.1 50190 50195 50200 USDA Forest Service QPL
2.2% High Expansion BFC-HX 50235 50240 50245 Buckeye Quality Assurance
Virtual Foam BFC-VF 50415 50420 50425 Buckeye Quality Assurance

* Independent tests conducted by Chevron Petroleum and Dow Chemical.
Report available on request.