Buckeye Detection Systems has a variety of controllers which offer small to midsize site detection level monitoring and situational alarming. Buckeye Detection Systems offer both wired and wireless I/O capabilities. Our unique controllers are easy to configure and setup and allow for greater data gathering for site analysis and gas detection historical trending. The units accept direct LEL inputs as well as digital, analog and discrete relay connections.

Our Controllers have enclosure options which allow them to be utilized in many different environments as well as configurations. For small installations we offer 2 or 4 channel controllers, for Mid-size installations we offer 8 or 16 channel controllers which are expandable up to 32. Finally, for large installations we offer 64 channel controllers which are expandable up to 128. Each offering has customizable input and output options, as well as wired or wireless options designed to meet the demands of the industry. Choose the specific unit below which meets your needs.

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