Chromate Conversion

Unlike the electro-chemical anodizing process, chromate conversion is produced by a chemical reaction with the aluminum. Another distint difference is that anodizing is an electric insulator, whereas conversion coatings are electrically conductive. Being conductive can be very desirable in the fabrication of electrical components inside the case of computers, and audio/video equipment. The conversion coating is also an excellent base for painting aluminum.

Characteristics The color of conversion coatings can range from clear colorless to pale yellow and even a deep gold. A normal coating may often have a distinct iridescent appearance with shades of red, yellow, green, blue and violet. Variations may be due to alloy and process time. Although not intended to be a cosmetic coating many customers are using it as such.

The chemicals we use have been carefully chosen and tested over many years and do provide a very uniform medium gold or clear finish.







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